What Goes with Mozzarella Sticks? (25 Best Side Dishes)

What goes with mozzarella sticks is a question that most mozzarella stick lovers will be asking, as Mozzarella sticks are godsent already made tasty, gooey, and warm. But you can make them better by pairing them with suitable dishes and dips.

So, what goes with mozzarella sticks is not a problem. Mozzarella can be paired with everything yummy such as fresh Salad, garlic bread, Caesar salad, a dipping sauce, guacamole, grilled fish, tomato salad, stew, tomato soup, meatballs in marinara, and many other options.

Continue reading for more details on what goes with mozzarella sticks.

What Are Mozzarella Sticks?

Mozzarella sticks are a classic appetizer that can be enjoyed independently or with various dipping sauces. They are one of the best cheese snacks and have roots in France. However, it was regarded as an American snack, but mozzarella sticks have their origin in Paris!

Meanwhile, French people have fried cheese sticks in oil since the late 14th century.  In the late 1970s in the United States, Mozzarella sticks became widely popularized and have been a staple in fast food restaurant menus ever since. 

Also, cheese sticks are coated with a bread batter and deep-fried in oil to make mozzarella sticks. They are very delicious and easy to make, you can buy them frozen and cook them whenever you crave cheese snacks.

What Goes with Mozzarella Sticks

When it comes to what goes with mozzarella sticks, bear in mind that pairing side dishes with mozzarella sticks is limitless. It pairs well with anything palatable.

However, while mozzarella sticks are good on their own, sometimes you must pair them with another dish for a mouthwatering meal. So, depending on what you want to pair mozzarella sticks with, you can serve them for lunch, dinner, appetizer, or snack!

1. Fresh Salad

Pairing Mozzarella sticks with a fresh salad of your favorite vegetable will be an excellent meal. You can make your Salad with any seasonal vegetables you have at the moment! to get the freshest Salad for your meal.

So, you can pair mozzarella sticks with any fresh salad you want; garden salad and fresh tomato salad are the best options. Mozzarella sticks  can be use as a salad ingredient. Lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, tortilla chips, and a creamy mayonnaise mustard dressing can be used

2. Garlic Bread

Another good side dish for mozzarella sticks, if you enjoy your mozzarella sticks as a snack, is garlic bread. They are very accessible, and you can buy them at your local store or bakery or bake them at home. However, it’s pretty simple if you want to make one yourself.

All you need is plain bread, such as a baguette or any crusty bread, and add some olive oil and garlic powder. Then, you’d coat the bread with a butter mixture of butter, oil, garlic, parsley, and salt. Toast or bake, then pair with mozzarella sticks 

3. Caesar Salad

Caesar salad with mozzarella sticks is a delicious meal for lunch and dinner! Caesar salad makes everything taste even better. Also, this Salad is so nutritious, and it has fiber from vegetables as well as animal protein from eggs and anchovies. 

You can pair Mozzarella sticks with a classic Caesar salad, chicken, bacon, or shrimp to add a nice crunch. Also, if you don’t want to make the Salad, make Caesar salad dressing and serve it as a dipping sauce for mozzarella sticks. 

Meanwhile, there are many recipes available for this Salad. So, you can try any of your choices and enjoy your meal.

4. Meatballs in Marinara

Marinara sauce is an Italian based tomato-sauce made with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and herbs. You are not only getting tasty meatballs, but you’re also getting a delectable marinara sauce that’s perfect for dipping mozzarella sticks.

You can also add other ingredients like olives, capers, salted anchovies, or even wine to help improve its aroma and add more flavor to your dish.

5. Grilled or Baked Fish

When thinking of what goes well with mozzarella sticks, know that grilled or baked fish is an excellent option. It may surprise you to know that this pairing is delicious and healthy.

Fishes are a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids essential for maintaining a healthy diet.

However, mozzarella sticks, on the other hand, are a delicious snack. So, when you combine these two foods, you will get a well-balanced meal that will satisfy you. So, pair your mozzarella sticks with grilled or baked fish.

6. Crispy Veggies

Mozzarella stick is a classic dish that is hard to resist. So, Crisp vegetables, whether baked or fried, satisfy your cravings when paired with crispy mozzarella sticks. The best part is that they are so easy to make at home. Just coat your favorite vegetables in batter, fry them until they are golden and crispy.

Also, know that the ideal way to eat crisp vegetables is with freshly made mozzarella sticks which is full of crunchiness.

7. A Dipping Sauce

With mozzarella sticks, every sauce is the proper sauce. It even tastes better with the right dipping sauce. You can choose a mild flavor or a spicier and even hot flavor sauce. So, pair your mozzarella sticks with your favorite sauces.

There are plenty of sauces that are popular on the market. You can buy them already made from your local grocery store, or you can make your sauce by adding your preferred ingredients. Keep in mind that mozzarella sticks taste better with a thick sauce that is rich in flavor.

8. Pickles

Looking for what goes with mozzarella sticks when serving it as an appetizer or as a mid-day snack, pickles are the best option. Pickles are smooth, creamy cheese that pairs perfectly with the sharpness of the pickles, making for a delicious and refreshing snack.  

Pickles go well with not only both fried and baked mozzarella sticks but also with meats and a variety of other dishes. You can have pickled cucumbers or pickled peppers and enjoy the yummy taste they add to your mozzarella sticks without effort

9. Vegetable Spring Rolls

With these fresh spring rolls stuffed with crisp, natural vegetables and creamy avocado, your mozzarella sticks will come out yummy. The peanut sauce‘s savory, nutty, and delicious taste makes this dish extraordinary. 

With these vegetable spring rolls, your guests will get a break from all the indulgent food.

10. Tomato Soup 

Mozzarella sticks and tomato soup are a match made in heaven. It will turn your mozzarella sticks into the ultimate comfort meal. Dip the cheese sticks in a piping hot bowl of creamy tomato soup to get the best from both dishes!

Imagine dipping your salty mozzarella stick into your thick, sweet, tangy broth tomato soup; what an ideal dish!

11. Tomato Salad

Cheese and tomato salad are the perfect side dish when you think about what goes with mozzarella sticks. So, you can serve your mozzarella sticks with a delightful tomato salad, as the acidity of the tomatoes pairs well with the richness of the Mozzarella, adding a touch of fresh flavor. 

However, season your Salad with herbs, spices, and other ingredients to bring out your desired flavor, such as your favorite dressing. Whether you’re looking for a light starter or a hearty main course, this Tomato Salad served with Mozzarella Sticks is sure to please.

12. Grilled Chicken

Like mozzarella sticks and grilled fish, you can enjoy them with grilled chicken because its tender and juicy texture complements the cheese on the sticks.

However, chicken breast is the best part as it pairs well with the taste of the sticks perfectly, but you can also try other parts like wings or legs and see how it comes out.

13. Hot Italian Sub Sliders

Hot Italian sub-sliders are an excellent meal for the crowd, and it is a great option for meat lovers, with each sub having three kinds of deli meat, provolone cheese, and peppers.

And the cherry on top is a luscious melted butter glaze that gives your sliders a glossy, golden-brown appearance. Imagine when you pair it with mozzarella sticks. That sounds yummy, right?

14. Mac and Cheese

This creamy mac and cheese paired with crispy mozzarella sticks is everything a cheese lover needs. So, if you love baked mac and cheese, always top your macaroni mixture with mozzarella sticks before you put the baking dish into the oven.

Doing this takes your mac and cheese to the next level, warms up the mozzarella sticks, and makes the cheese inside soft and gooey. 

15. Honey Mustard Sauce

Honey mustard sauce is a unique option for your mozzarella stick dipping. This sweet and tangy creation brings out the best flavor and taste of two worlds.

Making the honey mustard sauce at home is easy; get these ingredients mayonnaise, honey, yellow mustard, Dijon mustard, and lemon juice. Just mix them all and store them in your refrigerator 

16. Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Pairing Mozzarella sticks and Thai sweet chili sauce are an excellent option. The flavors of the sauce goes well with the cheesy texture of the mozzarella sticks. However, winter is the perfect time to whip up a pot of this hearty, soul-warming chili. 

Also, Thai sweet chili sauce blends sweet, sour, tangy, and savory notes in a delicious silky sauce. It hits and engages all the taste buds, creating an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

It has a boast of robust flavor, thanks to ingredients like Worcestershire, steak sauce, red chilies, garlic, ginger, vinegar, brown sugar other various ingredients. You can make Thai sweet chili sauce at home or in Asian grocery stores.

Some other versions include fish sauce, honey, and Asian spices and seasoning. The overall effect is light, but the sauce is full of flavor.

17. Stew

Stews are hearty meals that leave you complete, and they are also very nutritious and much healthier than fried food! Serve mozzarella sticks with either meat base or veggie stew and get your family members licking their hands!

You can dip the cheese sticks in the stew for a more balanced flavor.You can dip the cheese sticks in the stew for a more balanced flavor. If you have some leftover mozzarella sticks, you can try them out with your favorite stews.

18. Totchos

Are you looking for what goes with mozzarella sticks that will be fun and different? Totchos is the answer! It’s a jazzed-up version of traditional nachos, with tater tots replacing tortilla chips. 

Also, you can top it with black beans, avocado, and sour cream to keep it simple and classic or enhance it with pulled pork and peach salsa.

19. Steak and Veggies

You can change your version of mozzarella sticks and serve it with steak and vegetables for dinner, either steamed, fried, or fresh! This meal will give you the freshness and essential nutrients you need.

However, with this, your dish will be flavorful, as mozzarella sticks will pair nicely with meat and vegetables. You can also serve mozzarella sticks with steak alongside roasted, baked, boiled, or fried potatoes. 

20. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is the best option when you are looking for what goes with a mozzarella stick that will be popular, very versatile, and straightforward. It’s widely served with fries, sandwiches, wraps, and meat-based dishes. If you like creamy and indulgent food is better to pair your mozzarella sticks with mayonnaise.

If your mozzarella sticks include fiery spices like cayenne or pepper, mayonnaise will help temper and soften the taste. You can either make mayo at home or opt for store-bought varieties. Flavored mayonnaise, like garlic mayo, will also work with mozzarella sticks.

21. Eggs

What goes with mozzarella sticks? The best answer is eggs. You can eat Mozzarella sticks with eggs for lunch and even breakfast. Meanwhile, Mozzarella sticks pair well with fried or scrambled eggs, an omelet, and eggs benedict. Just cook the eggs in your favorite style.

This delicious dish is easy to make and will surely please everyone at the table. You can add other foods to your plate, including a handful of mixed greens, tomatoes, fried bacon, etc. Eggs offer you a wide range of nutrition, and you will also enjoy a healthy meal that tastes good.

22.  Buffalo Sauce

Buffalo sauce is a creamy and thick sauce made by blending hot sauce with fat or butter. This dip uses five ingredients but is jam-packed with tangy buffalo flavor, cheddar, mozzarella cheese, and spice with chilies and pepper.

The spices used will also create a unique flavor combination with mozzarella sticks. Mozzarella sticks and buffalo sauce are a rich and complex combination.

23. Bacon

Bacon is a pretty versatile food–you can chop it up and throw it into pasta or wrap it around potatoes or mozzarella sticks; the crispy, sweet, and smokey flavor of bacon compliments the gooey, cheesy, and salty mozzarella sticks.

Making bacon wrapped with mozzarella sticks is straightforward. First, you take a piece of bacon and wrap the cheese stick. Secure it with toothpicks, then fry it up. That’s yummy.

24. Guacamole

Mozzarella sticks and guacamole are a wonderful delicacy. This classic Mexican dip goes perfectly with cheese sticks. You can use store-bought, or you make it at home. But for good flavor and texture, freshly homemade guacamole is the best option.

However, it’s effortless to make it at home within a short period; all you need is a ripe avocado, chopped tomatoes, red onion, lime or lemon juice, and cilantro! Using jalapeno or chili peppers, You can add some heat to this avocado dip using jalapeno or chili peppers. 

Also, you can use these ingredients according to your preference.

25. Barbecue

I am sure you have not tried mozzarella sticks with barbecue. If not, why not try this time? The overall taste of your barbecue meat with mozzarella sticks will satisfy your taste bud.

You can add a tasty sauce and fresh Salad to this mix for an even better flavor and complete meal satisfaction. 


What goes with mozzarella sticks is limitless; they pair well with anything good. You can efficiently serve any side dish with your mozzarella sticks, and you will never be disappointed because the limit of pairing side dishes with mozzarella sticks is infinite. 

Pair any side dish with your mozzarella stick, and you are ready!

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