Is Ice Cream Melted in the Freezer Safe to Eat?

The biggest downside to ice cream is when it melts; all types of ice cream melt at room temperature. It is common to find out that the ice cream you left in the freezer has melted. Nothing is more disappointing than that, especially when you have a plan for it.

Meanwhile, you may be thinking is ice cream melted in the freezer safe to eat? whether to throw it in the bin, freeze it again. So, what can you do with it? Read on to clarify this question is ice cream melted in the freezer safe to eat?

Is Ice Cream Melted in the Freezer Safe to Eat?

It can be challenging to know how melted the ice cream should be before you throw it away instead of refreezing it. Due to the nature of ice cream, it is complicated to stop it from melting unless it is frozen.

So, is ice cream melted in the freezer safe to eat? eating melted ice cream from a freezer may be safe if you know precisely how long it has been that way. However, It might be alright for a day or two, but if it’s kept for longer than a week or two, it will likely become sour or develop bacterial growth.

Therefore, it is not ideal to eat ice cream that has melted and stayed in the fridge for more than two days, as the ingredients significantly facilitate the growth of bacteria and other pathogens as the temperature rises.

How to Know If You Can Eat Melted Ice Cream in The Freezer or Not

It is vital to know that melted ice cream presents a significant food safety issue, and keeping cold food cold is very important. So, the standard industrial temperature for ice cream storage is -20°F (-28.9°C). Residential freezers around 0°F (-18°C) are acceptable and safe for storing ice cream.

However, understanding the temperature danger zone from 40 to 140 allows bacteria to multiply and rapidly invade the melted ice cream. You can also know by checking the ice cream’s consistency and texture.

So, if you notice the presence of lumps and ice crystals inside the ice cream are sign that your ice cream is terrible and is no longer safe to eat.

Is It Good to Refreeze Ice Cream Melted in The Freezer?

If you know ice cream very well, you will understand that when the ice cream melts, it loses structure and moisture, thereby allowing fat to float above the water. So, when you refroze it, it will not retain its original structure, texture, and taste.

Also, there is no risk in refreezing ice cream if it is slightly melted and has been kept cold for about a day or two, you can safely refreeze the ice cream because this little amount of time is not enough for it to deteriorate or turn sour.

Meanwhile, always check the texture and scent of the ice cream before refreezing. If you see any changes in the smell and texture, trash the ice cream because it is no longer safe for consumption.

What Makes Freezer Ice Cream Melt?

However, ice cream melts because it absorbs the energy around it through heat. Also, ice cream contains tiny ice crystals surrounded by air cells and fat globules. As temperatures rise, these ice crystals melt, causing the structure to destabilize.  

The ice crystals melt faster as the temperature rises. However, it is vital to know that the flavors in ice cream play a vital role in its melting ability.

For instance, strawberry ice cream has the slowest melting ability because it contains strawberry chunks, which causes the ice cream to melt significantly slower, followed by chocolate ice cream because it contains cocoa powder with high-fat content.

Vanilla melts quickly because of its low-fat and high-water content, which causes the ice cream to melt quicker.

How Long Can Ice Cream Last in The Fridge? 

Depending on a few conditions, ice cream can be stored for up to three months in the freezer. Any store-bought ice cream will have an expiration date or best before. Ice cream can last for two to three months beyond the date on the container.

Therefore, how long it will last depend on several factors, including the “best before” date, how it was prepared, and how it is stored. It will not last as long if it is not stored correctly.

So, an unopened container of ice cream lasts for two to three months past the date, while an opened one can last for six weeks to one month if properly stored.

Also, homemade ice cream doesn’t last as long as store-bought one, and this is because it contains few preservatives and might be stored in improper, flimsy, or porous containers that enhance deterioration.

How to Store Ice Cream Properly in The Freezer

1. Don’t Store It with Stinky Stuff

Have you ever noticed that the freezer might pick up odors from the refrigerator? So, if your freezer happens to be full of garlic and onions, it’s not the best environment for your ice cream.

2. Do Reach for The Plastic Wrap

Once that plastic lining has been opened, do your best to recreate that protective barrier between the ice cream and the air.

3. Don’t Freeze Your Ice Cream Forever

Properly frozen food is technically safe indefinitely. That doesn’t mean ice cream should be left indefinitely.

4. Place It in The Back of The Freezer

No matter how many ice creams you have, the best thing is to store them in the far back of your freezer. The idea is to leave as much space as possible between the container and the freezer door to prevent thawing.

5. Create A New Seal on Top of The Ice Cream

When you initially buy a new container of ice cream, it usually has a seal on it. There is a barrier in place to keep air out, whether it’s a plastic band around the exterior of the container, the top, or a sheet sealed to the container’s rim under the lid.

6. Keep the Air Out

It’s essential to use an airtight container, such as Tupperware, for storing your ice cream, especially homemade ice cream. 

7. Check the Temperature of Your Freezer

The first step in adequately storing ice cream is ensuring your freezer is at the proper temperature. Ice cream should ideally be refrigerated at temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

8. Keep the freezer door closed as much as possible. Standing at the freezer and staring inside will warm all your store items.

Where Should You Store Ice Cream in The Freezer?

Store ice cream in the central part of the freezer. Do not store ice cream in the freezer door; in the coldest place in the freezer: the center shelf, in the back of the compartment, is the best place for ice cream.

As a result, placing it in the freezer door exposes it to greater changing temperatures because the door is constantly opened and closed. To prevent the production of ice crystals, keep the ice cream container lid tightly closed when keeping it in the freezer.


It is common to put ice cream in the fridge and forget about it, to find later that it has melted thoroughly. Chances are you’ve found yourself in a similar situation of having melted ice cream in the freezer, thereby wondering is ice cream melted in the freezer safe to eat?

However, the condition of the ice cream will determine what you will do with it. Always check the texture and smell of the ice cream before considering whether to consume it because health is wealth.

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