15 Best Substitute for Pork Fat in Sausage

When making sausages at home, the fat you want to use sometimes depends on the fat you can get. When it comes making sausage, however, one of the most important elements is pork fat, which makes the sausage moist and gives it the classic flavor we all crave.

But, if you cannot get pork fat, another substitute for pork fat in sausage will give you the same juicy and classic flavor as pork fat. So, in this post, we will discuss more about the substitute for pork fat you can try!

What Is Pork Fat?

Pork fat refers to fat derived from any portion of the pig. Most pork fat is derived from the fatback cut, the pork belly, the pork shoulder, or organs such as the kidneys. Pure pork fat is white and solid. Pork lard is produced from rendered pork fat.

However, it is milky white, soft but solid at room temperature, and has a longer shelf life. There are numerous ways to prepare hog fat. It adds flavor, saltiness, and texture to soups, stews, sausages, baked beans, chowder, and other foods.

Pork fat is excellent for deep-frying , It has a greater smoke point and can also be used as cooking oil. Frequently, the best location to find fresh pork fat is at a nearby butcher. Additionally, you can produce your own pork lard by melting fresh pork fat in a pan.

Best Substitute for Por Fat in Sausage

1. Beef Fat

Regarding composition and texture, beef fat is similar to pork but comes from cows. Fresh and rendered beef fat are the two varieties. Beef fat is another excellent option that can be used as a substitute for pork fat in sausage.

However, its strong, meaty flavor will give your sausage more richness and depth. Additionally, beef fat has a greater smoke point than pork fat, which reduces the likelihood that it would burn while cooking without affecting the flavor of the food.

2. Butter

One of the most common alternatives for pork fat is butter. When used as a cooking component, butter, a dairy product, improves the flavor and texture of any cuisine, particularly sausage.

Although butter may not have the same richness as pork fat, despite this, it will still have a pleasant flavor, especially when mixed with other seasonings. Butter is a good substitute for pork fat in sausage because it has a high-fat content, which helps make the sausage juicy and flavorful.

3. Ground Beef 

Another option is ground beef, it works best if you’re making Italian-style sausage, but it can also be used in other recipes. Ground beef adds moisture and texture while still providing plenty of flavor.

However, it is leaner than pork fat, so that it won’t add extra calories or cholesterol to your recipe.

4. Bacon Fat

One of the most common alternatives for pork fat when cooking sausage is bacon fat. It imparts a smoky, salty flavor and aroma to your sausage, making it stand out.

Instead of using hog fat, reduce bacon fat slowly over low heat until it has melted out and just liquid fat is left.

5. Lamb Fat

If you love sausage but don’t want to work with pork fat, lamb fat may be the perfect option. It has a deep, savory flavor that will give your sausage depth and richness.

Lamb fat is a great way to create delicious sausage without increasing saturated fat and cholesterol levels. So, use lamb fat in your next sausage-making; who knows, it might become your best substitute for pork fat in sausage!

6.  Chicken Fat

Chicken fat is also an excellent substitute for pork fat in sausage—chicken sausages made with chicken thighs. However, much fat is integrated into the flesh while making chicken sausages from chicken thighs, which frequently mixes the muscles.

Because of this, it’s pretty tricky to overcook chicken thighs when you fry them. Chicken fat is often easier to come by and a great substitute for pork fat if you don’t have access to it.

7. Duck Fat

Duck fat is another popular option that can be used in place of pork fat when making sausage. It has a rich, savory flavor that will add depth and complexity to your sausage.

To render duck fat, slowly melt it over low heat until all the particles have melted away, leaving only liquid fat. If you want a great option to replace pork fat in your homemade sausages, duck fat should be at the top.

8. Vegetables

If you are vegan or want a healthier substitute for pork fat in sausage, try adding vegetables instead of pork fat. Vegetables can quickly fill the void of meat-based or animal fat for cooking.

These veggies will add moisture and texture and still provide vitamins and minerals to your body. However, you can use mushrooms because they have a meaty taste when cooked, and they also contain natural umami flavors that enhance the overall flavor of your sausage.

Also, you can use vegetables like carrots, celery, onions, bell peppers, spinach, kale, or any other vegetable you choose.

9. Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a wonderful substitute for pork fat in sausage, it’s great in vegan sausages since it has a comparable texture and mild flavor that doesn’t overshadow the other ingredients.

If coconut flavor doesn’t appeal to you, this may not be the greatest option for you, but if it is, it is worth thinking about as an alternative to hog fat in your sausages.

10. Nut Butter 

Nut butter, just like almond butter, peanut butter, or cashew butter are excellent alternatives to pork fat when making vegan sausages. They provide moisture and bind ingredients together while adding a rich nutty flavor to your sausage.

Also, nut butter is low in calories but high in protein, as a result, it can help keep your sausages healthy while still giving all of the flavor you require from pork fat.

11.  Venison Fat

Venison fat is another ideal alternative to pork fat when making sausage due to its flavor and nutritional value. It has a strong, gamey flavor that will add depth and complexity to your sausage. 

However, it contains much fewer calories than hog fat, making it ideal for anyone attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Substituting Venison Fat for the pork in your next sausage will satisfy you without being weighed down by its greasiness.

12. Vegetable Oil

Another substitute for pork fat in sausage is vegetable oil. Vegetable oils come in various varieties. Compared to pork fat, vegetable oil has a lower smoke point, making these oils better suited when you cook stir-fry recipes or baste the meat in baking.

Varieties of Vegetable Oil You Can Use as Substitute for Pork Fat in Sausage

13. Olive Oil

The most popular substitute for pork fat in sausages is olive oil, because it preserves the sausage’s moisture and gives it an outstanding flavor. Depending on preference, it can be added to cooked or raw sausage mixes.

To use olive oil, substitute two tablespoons of olive oil for one tablespoon of pork fat. The amount can be increased to achieve the flavor and texture you’re going for.

14. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a great option to substitute pork fat in sausages. For those who don’t want their sausage to taste very strongly of fats or oils, its mild flavor makes it ideal.

Two tablespoons of sunflower oil should be used in place of one tablespoon of pork fat.

15. Canola Oil

Canola oil is an excellent substitute for pork fat in sausages because it has a mild flavor which helps to keep the sausage moist. Two tablespoons of canola oil should be used in place of one tablespoon of pork fat.


If you want to make sausage without pork fat, whether you can’t find it, want a healthier option, or are a vegan, consider using any of the mentioned substitutes.

However, no matter your choice, these substitutes will help ensure your sausage recipes remain vegan-friendly and delicious!

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