9 Best Frangelico Substitutes

You’ve definitely heard of Frangelico, a popular Italian liqueur that can be consumed on its own or mixed into sweet cocktails. Frangelico may be found not just in cocktails, but also in baked goods such as cakes, muffins, icing, and more!

It gives a pleasant drinking experience with its nutty taste and a blend of several other flavors: coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and alcohol content, providing extra hotness.

It is also notable that Frangelico contains 20% alcohol, which could help lower it; it is made by crushing hazelnuts and mixing them with vanilla berries, cocoa, and other ingredients, then soaked in spirit. You might have a bottle or two of this well-known liqueur

But what if you don’t? Gasp! Don’t worry because the world isn’t ending ,there are other best Frangelico substitutes you could try out should you decide to explore, or perhaps the alcohol content of Frangelico is too much for you.

You can use notable alternatives to nail still the flavor you want in your food and drinks. Here are other Frangelico substitutes you should consider:

Best Frangelico Substitutes

1. Nocello liqueur

Nocello and Frangelico are not that different from each other in terms of content. Nocello is a great substitute for Frangelico because it contains ingredients from hazelnuts. Nocello, on the other hand, blends well in coffees and drinks because of its combination of mild sweetness and bitter aftertaste.

The smokey, nutty flavor of Nocello comes from the use of premium Italian walnuts in its production. Beyond simply cocktails and other drinks, it may be used in the cooking in a variety of ways. Despite this, Nocello delivers a far stronger kick than Frangelico since it contains nearly twice as much alcohol.

2. Praline Liqueur

The infamous French sweet treat inspires praline liqueur! ! Which is made up of, sugar, vanilla, cream along with roasted and chopped pecans. It tastes like candy and is fairly sweet, similar to Frangelico. The addition of cream makes it even better!

Praline liquor goes well with chocolate drinks and desserts. You can drink it directly because it has a comparable nutty flavor and alcohol concentration like Frangelico.

3. Sambuca

Sambuca is another excellent alternative for Frangelico, an Italian liqueur created from star anise infusions that impart a pronounced licorice flavor. It also has a lot of black licorice and sugar in it, yet it still tastes like Frangelico.

However, take note that Sambuca contains more alcohol! You can add it to your baked goods or sip it with coffee beans or on the rocks.

4. Amaretto Liqueur

This sweet, almond-flavored liqueur of Italian origin, made from apricots and almond pits, infuses the same richness as Frangelico liqueur and, thus, is a good Frangelico substitute.

Amaretto liqueur is probably the closest and most excellent Frangelico substitutes, and it is also a classic and famous Italian liqueur. Along with Frangelico, they are probably the two most popular nutty-flavored liqueurs globally.

Amaretto has bitterness compared to Frangelico, and the flavor is milder. It blends perfectly in coffee lattes, beverages, and other alcoholic drinks and is Almond colored like Frangelico liqueur.

By using Frangelico and Amaretto interchangeably, you may create a delectable cocktail. Additionally, it can be added as a component to baked goods and beverages. In addition, one bottle of amaretto contains only 28% alcohol, and the rest is sugar and water, making it slightly more robust than Frangelico.

So, to summarize, this liqueur is very similar in terms of flavor. Additionally, it has a little reduced alcohol concentration, making it perfect for dessert recipes or to drink it straight.

5. Ratafia

This liqueur has a beautiful blend of fruits, nuts, and herbs, making it both sweet and strong. Take a sip of ratafia when it’s chilled for an incredible drinking experience. You can also mix this liqueur into cocktails or drink it as an aperitif.

Ratafia is another great Frangelico substitutes, having an excellent blend of fruits, herbs, and nuts. As a result, you get a sweet and robust flavor when you mix it in cocktails with alcoholic drinks and beverages or consume it directly!

Ratafia contains less alcohol than Frangelico. So, if you need something with a less intense alcoholic content, this liqueur is the way to go.

6. Hazelnut Paste or Butter

Hazelnut paste: Roasted hazelnuts are finely ground and mixed with sugar- a befitting substitute for hazelnut liqueur (other nut pastes such as almonds, chestnuts, and walnuts can also be used).

Nut butter, such as cashew and almond butter, can also add a dash of richness to your bake. Hazelnut paste or hazelnut butter are non-alcoholic Frangelico substitutes, though note that they can change the texture of your recipe.

These substitutes are better off with baked goods or smoothies, as mixing this in cocktails will create a peculiar consistency!

7. Hazelnut-Flavored Coffee Syrup

Hazelnut-flavored coffee syrup: The taste of coffee and hazelnut flavor can be quite inviting. So, if your recipe can accommodate the taste of coffee, then a spoonful of hazelnut syrup added to the hot coffee concoction can give the best topping to a nutty coffee-flavored bake.

Hazelnut coffee syrup is another perfect Frangelico substitutes because coffee and hazelnut are flavors that work well together. It has a robust flavor, and it’s made by infusing roasted coffee beans in neutral grain spirits or vodka.

This liqueur is often used in desserts such as tiramisu and drinks such as mochas. You can choose to buy it in coffee flavor or hazelnut flavor. However, remember that hazelnut flavor contains little alcohol than its coffee counterpart.

So, if you’re looking for another non-alcoholic alternative for Frangelico, then Hazelnut-flavored coffee syrup is the way to go! It’s perfect when making coffee or baked goods, giving off the coffee and hazelnut flavors you desire.

8. Almond Extract

Almond extract gives off Frangelico’s nutty flavors but not its strength; it contains small amounts of almond liqueur but not too much to affect. Only a few drops will do in your cocktails, drinks, and baked goods.

Most extracts are either extracted from top-quality almonds or made directly from the pure almond oil. If your recipe calls for Frangelico, you may be looking for an alcohol-free option, almond extract is the finest alternative in these cases.

Almond extract is a beautiful non-alcoholic Frangelico substitute. It has a sweet, nutty, and aromatic flavor due to the use of essential oils from almonds. It is often used in baked goods such as cookies, cakes, and candies

Additionally, the almond extract is vegan-friendly and can be used in many recipes that call for amaretto. But you must note that almond extract is a condensed liquid and, as such, is heavily saturated in flavor; to make up for this, you might need to add a bit extra liquid and sugar.

9. Disaronno

Disaronno is a nutty liqueur with the same characteristics as Frangelico, though it has a higher alcoholic content. However, it’s made of cherries and almond paste in an amber color.

That said, it’s still worth a shot, and you can drink this straight up or mixed with cocktails. Disaronno also works well with ginger ale, fruit juices, ice cream, and Italian desserts.

Frequently asked question

 How Is Frangelico Liqueur Made?

Hazelnuts that have been toasted and crushed are blended with alcohol and water to create this premium liqueur. Distillation is done on the hazelnut infusion. The rich flavors of chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and other flavorings are then added to it.

The Frangelico concentrate is then infused with a solution of pure booze, sugar, and water. In order to give the blend time to marry, the finished product is let to rest in vats for six to eight weeks.

What Does Frangelico Taste Like?

The rich hazelnut flavor and scent of this traditional Italian liqueur will delight your senses. The rich flavors of the sweet and other flavors combine nicely with the nutty flavor to provide a satisfying sipping experience.

When it hits your lips, the nutty spirit with notes of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and herbal flavors will be what you’ll initially taste.

How to Serve and Drink Frangelico?

This adaptable hazelnut liqueur can be found in a variety of drink mixes. Its nutty flavors go well with a variety of cocktail beverages. In addition to vodka, brandy, whiskey, and tequila, Frangelico is a great mixer. Consider the shot of chocolate cake.

This liqueur’s tastes go nicely with vanilla vodka and sweet lemon. This hazelnut liqueur may be enjoyed in a variety of cool ways, and this is just one of them. While this liqueur plays a vital role in cocktails, you can also enjoy it on its own! Serve it neat or chilled.

And for a sublime drinking experience, pour it over ice with a squeeze of lime.


Frangelico is another must-have Italian classic you should add to your home bar. Before you waste time chasing the trails of a missing Frangelico liqueur, we got some cues on what to substitute for Frangelico liqueur, which will save you much time and energy.
Frangelico liqueur has a sweet, nutty taste, so the substitute you choose should be able to emanate the same flavor to an extent such that the recipe in operation doesn’t come out with a distinctly different product.
So, stock up your home bar and impress your guests with the Frangelico substitutes we’ve mentioned.

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