14 Best Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute

The chicken stock concentrate is an excellent flavoring ingredient that can add a lot of umami flavors to any recipe when incorporated. It is a reduced and concentrated version of the broth left after cooking chicken.

The chicken stock concentrate is extremely beneficial since it doesn’t go bad for a long time. Moreover, you can also use it to flavor numerous dishes such as soups, stews, and gravy.

What is the best chicken stock concentrate substitute? The best chicken stock concentrate substitute is bone stock, homemade chicken stock, vegetable stock, a simple broth with added MSG, beer, miso paste, Japanese Dashi, and much more! 

Read to know more about these substitutes and how to use them.

Best Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitute

Here are great ingredients you can use to replace chicken stock concentrate that you can use.

1. Chicken Stock

Chicken stock provides an inexpensive, convenient, and flavorful way to add another layer of flavor to your recipes. As the name implies, chicken stock concentrate is merely concentrated chicken stock. It is made by boiling chicken bones over low heat.

The bones gradually release dimensions of flavor as they break down.

Therefore, making chicken stock from scratch or purchasing a fresh broth from the supermarket would be the best chicken stock concentrate substitute. Both chicken stock concentrate and fresh chicken stock possess the same ingredients and flavors.

 Substituting chicken stock concentrate with chicken stock would not be noticed in your dishes. However, chicken stock isn’t as thick as its concentrate counterpart. So, you shouldn’t add more water when cooking with it. 

2. Vegetable Stock 

If you cannot find chicken stock concentrate or don’t want to use a meat-based concentrate or stock, you can always substitute this for vegetable stock—or vegetable stock concentrate. However, it might not lend that meaty flavor, but it will still provide a lot of taste to your dish.

Vegetable stock is the best chicken stock concentrate substitute for all-vegan. It is made from a mixture of select vegetables that provide umami flavors. We recommend mixing carrots, cabbage, celery stem, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, and more to get more or less the same flavor as chicken stock!

You can also pair this stock with various flavorful spices like coriander seeds, black peppercorns, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, and more. Vegetable stocks are readily available in any supermarket

3. Bone Broth

Bone broth is an extremely popular ingredient. It’s also an excellent chicken stock concentrate substitute. It is made by boiling animal bones and connective tissue with spices for a few hours until you get a highly concentrated and arguably tastier broth.

Bone broth is known to produce a “heavier” and fattier broth because it usually combines bone marrow; this is why it is perfect for recipes with intense meaty flavor and a heartier texture. Use bone broth in moderation when substituting for chicken flavors.

The meaty flavors can be overwhelming, especially if you use the stock in sauces or soups!

4. Gravy Granules

Gravy granules are freeze-dried grains stock. They can be mixed with boiling water to make gravy. But these tasty granules are the best chicken stock concentrate substitute due to their salty and robust flavors.

They are flavorful and very salty. These granules will do a great job of thickening your dish. Note that they have a thickening agent. Therefore, you may have to add a little less of the granules or a little more water, so the consistency stays the same.

Another advantage of using gravy granules is that you can find many flavors, like chicken and vegetables, that closely match the flavor profile of chicken stock concentrate. You can use the same quantity of gravy granules as chicken stock concentrate.

Then, add water according to the package.

5. Salt and Spices

The easiest way to get a chicken stock concentrate substitute is by using salt and spices to flavor your dish. The chicken stock concentrate is used to flavor and add umami to your dish.

Even if none of the aforementioned materials are in your pantry, there is a straightforward concentrated chicken stock substitute. Mixing different herbs, spices, and salts will impart a delicious flavor to your dish.

Add flavors like garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano, bay leaves, peppercorns, and parsley to your recipe. Make sure to add some water to dilute the flavors. Start by adding about half a teaspoon of salt at first, and add more to ensure that the dish doesn’t become too salty.

6. Mushroom Stock Concentrate

The mushroom stock concentrate is a perfect vegetarian chicken stock concentrate substitute. It is just as thick and condensed as chicken stock but made with veggies. Mushrooms have a rich, umami taste that is quite similar to the flavor of the meat.

It is often used to give foods the complex flavor of the meat while sticking to a vegetarian diet. You can find mushroom stock concentrate in the soup section of your local grocery store. Replace the chicken stock concentrate in your recipe with the same amount of mushroom stock concentrate.

7. Beer

Beer is an excellent choice as a substitute for chicken stock concentrate. Dark, malty beers are frequently used in cooking. Belgian beers, Scottish ales, and porters are also suitable. Cooking with beer adds more flavor to your dish and nullifies the need for additional salt.

 And it’s used as stock, broth, and baste in multiple sauces and stews across the globe. Beer can add a depth of flavor to your meals without salt, particularly when making stews or sauces. We recommend beer if you want a deeper flavor but are watching your salt intake.

Begin with half a cup of beer, observe the taste and consistency, then add more if you want. You don’t get the flavor from concentrated chicken stock, but you will appreciate what your dish will taste like!

8. Bouillon Cubes

Bouillon cubes are practically another form of concentrated stock. They are a great ingredient at home as they are a shelf-stable alternative to chicken stock, and their intensity is closely related to chicken stock concentrate. You can buy vegetable or beef stock cubes if you don’t like chicken stock.

They are easy to use since you have to create their mixture with water or add crumbles directly to the dish for extra flavor. However, chicken bouillon is pressed into a dry cube or powder, crushed, and sprinkled to flavor broths, soups, and stews.

Keep in mind that stock cubes are very salty. So please adjust the salt quantity in the rest of your dish. Bouillon cubes are available in vegan and non-vegan varieties.

9. White Wine

Wine is an ideal substitute for chicken stock concentrate. It is often used in cooking, especially in sauces and stews. It introduces a deep and warm fruity flavor to your dish, which is why it’s such a popular ingredient. White wine is used in many recipes to add acidity and taste to dishes.

Wine commonly accents cooking liquids like chicken stock because of its ability to break down tough materials, such as meat products. Dry white wine is commonly used in cooking. Avoid oaky Chardonnay; Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc are more acceptable.

Like beer, wine is watery, so it may affect the dish’s consistency if too much is used. It’s, therefore, best to add a little as a start and keep an eye on how it affects your food.

10. Water And Butter

Perhaps the rich and fatty taste of chicken stock concentrate is what you need. In this case, a combination of butter and water would make an excellent substitute

If you’re looking for that rich, slightly fatty flavor that chicken stock concentrate adds to meals, try substituting it with butter and water. Melt about half a stick of salted butter, then add half a cup of warm water. It will resemble the fattiness of stock without having to use any meat.

It adds a similar oiliness to the dish and introduces a creamier flavor. And it won’t compromise the consistency of your soup, stew, or casserole. Water and butter may not give you the chicken flavor you’d get from chicken stock concentrate.

But the water and butter combination is still a perfect fatty substitute.

11. Dashi

Dashi, a Japanese broth, defined the term “umami.” Dashi was traditionally produced using water, seaweed, and flakes of bonito fish. The broth serves as the foundation for many traditional Japanese dishes, such as miso soup.

While making Dashi from scratch is still possible, most people choose instant dashi concentrated liquid or granules. Nowadays, even Japanese consumers prefer instant dashi.

In Western cultures, dashi is similar to chicken bouillon.

12. Clear MSG Broth

A simple vegetable broth made using MSG crystals is perhaps one of the most versatile and widely used flavoring bases. All you need to prepare is high-quality MSG salt, an assortment of vegetables, and water!

Some people don’t prefer to use MSG because of its alleged effects, but the truth is that many restaurants use this flavoring agent to enhance the flavor of their dishes — MSG is commonly found in many packaged foods as well.  

While repeatedly using too much of it may contribute to some negative effects, like dry mouth occasionally, using some can help you get the most out of the flavor of your recipes. 

13. Miso Paste

Miso paste is made with fermented soybeans, salt, and koji. It is a well-known, flavorful ingredient widely used in Japanese cuisine. It adds an intense umami flavor that can mimic the qualities of chicken stock.

Miso paste is also usually vegan, so that you can use it in a wide range of recipes!

14. Homemade Chicken Stock Concentrate


  • 5 pounds of chicken bones
  • 1 onion, peeled and quartered
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 16 cups water


1. In a large pot, combine all of the ingredients.

2. Bring to a simmer over low heat. 

3. Partially cover the pot and simmer for about 6-8 hours until the mix has cooked down and is nice and thick. 

4. Strain the mix and discard the bones, onion, and bay leaves. 

5. Cool the thickened liquid and then store it in the fridge for up to two weeks or freeze it for up to three months. 


The chicken stock concentrate is a full-bodied, flavor-rich liquid used in many different cuisines worldwide. It is a mainstay for chicken-based soups, including chicken noodles, chicken and gnocchi, and chicken and rice. The stock can also help bring flavor and body to sauces and reductions.

But if you forget to pick up a box at your local grocery store, don’t worry; you don’t have to abandon your dinner plans for takeout. There is another simple, inexpensive chicken stock concentrate substitute right in your cabinets or kitchen, just like the ones we mentioned.

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