14 Best Substitute For Coconut Water

Have you ever wondered what makes coconut water so popular? Is it the taste? What are the health benefits? Or something else entirely? Coconut water has long been a staple of traditional medicine, and recent years have seen it gain popularity as a health food.

You can add plain coconut water to different smoothies or drinks. Healthy water provides the hydration you need and enriches the taste of the drinks you add it to. It is crucial to understand how coconut water and coconut milk differ. This water is the substance that can be discovered inside immature coconuts.

Birch or maple water works well as a substitute for coconut water. However, you can also use plain water or cactus water. Keep reading to find more about the substitute for coconut water that you can use in your recipes.

Best Substitute For Coconut Water

You can use the following substitute for coconut water in the same ratio as coconut water and save your recipe or drink.

1. Birch water

Birch water is the best substitute for coconut water in terms of taste and color. Birch water is a refreshing and healthy alternative to sugary sodas and juices. The birch tree produces this slightly sweet water, which is collected in the spring.

Birch water has a milder flavor than coconut water, yet it still tastes good in a variety of beverages. If consumed regularly, you can also enjoy birch water plain, which brings many health benefits.

It is a perfect choice for those looking for a healthy way to stay hydrated. Whether you’re looking for a delicious and healthy drink on a hot summer day or an energizing beverage to power your workout, birch water is a great option.

2. Maple water

If you’re looking for a sweeter substitute for coconut water, maple water is a little bit sweeter, but it tastes just as nice. It has a subtle flavor that will not overpower other ingredients in your recipes.

You can often find maple water next to coconut water in grocery stores. Maple water is one of the best substitutes for coconut water due to its flavor profile and availability.

This water is a component of maple syrup and comes from maple trees. Although you can drink maple water straight up, it tastes best when combined with other sweet drinks and fruits in smoothies.

3. Watermelon water

Another very popular thirst quencher drink is watermelon water. With a bright pinkish hue and an incredibly yummy sweet taste, watermelon water is another great coconut water substitute.

Watermelon water is ideal if you want a delicious and refreshing juice to chill on those hot summer days. This water comes in a pink shade to alter your drink’s color. The sweetest way to eat it is with ice or cold.

You can consume this water straight up or as a substitute for coconut water in recipes. It is an excellent option for all types of drinks. If your recipe calls for additional sugar, you might choose to omit that step since this water will likely be sweeter than coconut water.

You don’t need to add sugar if substituting coconut water with watermelon water, use it straight away in mocktails, drinks, or splinters, and you won’t regret it!

4. Cactus water

Cactus water is the juice extracted from a cactus plant. A less well-liked substitute for coconut water is cactus water. You might be shocked to learn how similar the two types of water are, though.

It is now a famous drink that has debuted in the natural beverage scenario. It has an earthly taste and it lacks the sweetness of coconut water. However, it can still enhance any beverage you wish to add it to, including smoothies and cocktails.

Cactus water is a natural drink replete with antioxidants and several nutrients vital for health. For its mild, sweet flavor, cactus water can also be a coconut water substitute in recipes. You might have a little more trouble finding it in stores, but if you do, you’ll adore the flavor.

5. Cashew Juice

The flavour of cashew juice is pleasant, earthy, and goes well with any beverage. This water can also be consumed straight up if you prefer the flavour. Since it blends well with nearly any ingredient, it will, however, taste much better in other beverages.

Vitamin C is also abundant in cashew water and is healthy to consume regularly. Use this water just as you would coconut water but be ready for your drink to have a different taste.

6. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice, as the name suggests, is the liquid obtained after diluting thick, gooey liquid extracted from the aloe Vera plant with water. It has a strong, citrusy flavor with a thick consistency.

Aloe Vera juice can substitute for coconut water in drinks, desserts, or salads. Make sure you don’t substitute coconut water with the aloe Vera skin gel you use on your skin!

Compared to coconut water, aloe Vera juice is simpler to find. It is renowned for having advantages and for being high in antioxidants. Don’t share this water with your pet, though, as it is crucial to remember that animals shouldn’t drink it.

Aloe Vera water can be consumed straight or combined with other ingredients to make various smoothies or cocktails. This water’s flavor is more intense than that of other alternatives and isn’t very similar to that of coconut.

8. Coconut Milk

Care for a substitute from the same family? Behold coconut milk. It is a white, syrupy-like liquid obtained if you grate coconut and strain it in hot water. It has a sweet, nutty flavor akin to coconut water.

Coconut milk has a similar taste to coconut water. But it tends to be more concentrated. You can dilute it with water if you want to give your coconut milk a more runny consistency but if the thickness of it doesn’t bother you, feel free to use it as it is

Coconut milk is a delicious and creamy addition to any number of dishes, from curries to desserts. Coconut milk is delicious to enjoy as it is or in different smoothies. You will find sweetened and unsweetened coconut milk on the market.

9. Sugarcane Water

You don’t need any sweetener if you are in hold of this natural sweetener – sugarcane water. Sugarcane water obtained from sugarcane is a good alternative to coconut water, considering its taste and flavor. It is devoid of fat with fewer calories. 

Sugarcane water is also one of the fruit juices rich in natural sugar. Regular consumption of sugarcane water is great for treating many diseases. Thus, it is a viable, healthy option to replace coconut water in recipes. 

10. Plain Water

Who doesn’t love the refreshing taste of water? Whether sipping on it plain or enjoying it with a splash of fruit juice, sparkling water is a delicious and healthy way to hydrate.

If you need to add a neutral liquid to drinks, be it a smoothie, cocktail, or any other recipe, plain water might be just what you need. Plain water is not similar in taste to coconut water, but it can work just as well. 

Use it in the same quantity you would use coconut water and enjoy your drink. And while we all know that staying hydrated is important, did you know that water can also help boost your energy levels and improve your digestion?

That’s right – the carbonation in water can help to stimulate your digestive system, making it easier for your body to break down food and absorb nutrients.

So next time you’re feeling sluggish, reach for a can of sparkling water instead of a cup of coffee – you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel.

11. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is the yummy juice from the juicy flesh of the pineapple. It has a sweet yet tart flavor, unlike coconut water. Considering the sweetness, pineapple juice can be one of your resorts while substituting for coconut water.

If you desire an acidic or citrusy flavor with reduced sweetness, pineapple juice should be your ultimate call as the substitute for coconut water. It is a good source of many nutrients.

12. Oat Milk

Oat milk, just like coconut milk, can be a good substitute for coconut water. It has a milder and almost neutral flavor, allowing you to use it in any smoothie.

Oat milk is prepared by straining the liquid mixture of oats blended with water. Oat milk is a creamy liquid that is quite a popular dairy-free alternative to milk. It can also be prepared with the help of a few enzymes alongside the inclusion of oils.

Oat milk has a mild, nutty flavor and a creamy texture similar to cow’s milk, making it a considerable substitute for coconut water. It can be diluted to suit the recipe, which calls for coconut water, and you sure won’t be disappointed.

You can drink plain oat milk and use it in cooked dishes. Even if this substitute is thicker and different in flavor than coconut water, it can still be a great choice.

13. Apple Juice

Apple juice is your last resort in sweet and tart flavors as a substitute for coconut water. It has a sweet, tangy flavor that can blend well with other ingredients. You can choose apple juice if you are out of all the substitutes mentioned above.

Ripe red apples can make tasty and yummy apple juice. Apple juice is replete with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.

14. Rice Milk

Rice milk is very similar in color and consistency to coconut milk. So, you can use it similarly. In terms of taste, this milk is sweeter, and you might not need to add any more sugar, thanks to this aspect.

If this milk is thicker than you want, you can dilute it with water to make it runnier. Use rice milk instead of coconut water in any smoothie you want, and enjoy a delicious and healthy drink.


Currently, coconut water is very popular. It’s a great way to hydrate and has a delicious flavor. However, sometimes you might not have coconut water on hand, or you might be traveling and unable to bring any with you.

In those cases, it’s helpful to know about substitute for coconut water, so next time you run out of coconut water, try one of those listed above.

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