11 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Steak

The goal of your steak is paring it with a drink that will make it taste better when consumed together; having the right drink with your steak can make your meal an experience. Steaks don’t only pair with alcoholic drinks, but it also pairs well with non-alcoholic drinks.

So, what are the non-alcoholic drinks for steak? Steaks pair well with Cranberry or Pomegranate juice, Club soda with lime, Sparkling white grape juice, Brazilian lemonade, Red Grape juice, Unsweetened iced tea, Sweet tea, and water.

Please keep reading to understand more about these non-alcoholic drinks for steak and how to pair them.

Best Non-Alcoholic Drink for Steak

1. Sparkling White Grape Juice

Sparkling white grape juice is an American classic, which comes from 100% fruity, sweet fresh Niagara white grapes juice and has a fresh aromatic fruitiness of the Niagara grape. However, because of the significant fat content in the steak, it’s best enjoyed with a drink that will never leave your palate.

Also, the carbonation and sweetness of sparkling white grape juice balance out the salty fried steak. Purchase a bottle of plain sparkling water and combine it with regular grape juice if you can’t locate sparkling white grape juice in the shop. 

2. Cranberry or Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate or cranberry juices the best non-alcoholic drinks for steak that can clean your palate and cut through the heaviness of a steak. Cranberry juice is a great drink to have if you are allergic to alcohol or you want to avoid it.

Just like red wine, Cranberry, and pomegranate juice also contain tannins that have similar effects. They’ll overpower the flavor of the steak, but if they are too tart for you, you can dilute them with water.

3. Red Grape Juice

Grapes are crushed and blended to produce grape juice—Concord grapes (Vitis labrusca), commonly used for making red grape juice. If you want that red wine taste without the addition of alcohol, red grape juice is the best non-alcoholic drinks for steak.

However, Red grape juice is a terrific substitute for red wine if you like a sweeter-tasting steak. It produces a similar rich hue and has a grape flavor that is similar to that of red wine.

4. Apple Juice

Apple juice is a delicious sweet beverage that goes great with steak. It is an excellent non-alcoholic drinks for steak instead of white wine because of its similar flavor and color.

5. Ginger Ale

A carbonated soft drink with ginger taste is called ginger ale. It typically contains other ingredients, including lemon, lime, and cane sugar. This drink is among the non-alcoholic drinks for steak, especially when your steak is too spicy and you want something sugary to cool your month.

However, the acidity of ginger ale, on the other hand, makes it an excellent meat tenderizer, meaning that it breaks down the proteins in meat, making it softer and simpler to chew. Also, ginger ale has a similar dry and sweet.

6. Unsweetened Iced Tea

You may soften the fat in the meat and have a more balanced taste by serving it with a chilled glass of unsweetened iced tea. For the finest flavor, choose a mildly sweetened or unsweetened iced tea and sip it carefully between slices of steak.

Meanwhile, this drink contains tannins like other drinks; it creates a drying sensation in the mouth, making your steak move freely on your palate.

7. Club Soda

Club soda, with a twist of lemon or lime, is another traditional non-alcoholic drinks for steak. This beverage works as a palette cleanser to balance the flavors of your steak as well as cutting through the fat on the meat.

Also, the citrus acidity cuts through the steak’s richness and balances the steak with freshness and flavors in your mouth.

8. Mocktails

Mocktails are widely used by those who want the flavor of their favorite cocktails without the alcohol. It is simple to combine mocktails with steak, or even better, you may request that the bartender make you a non-alcoholic version!

9. Orange Juice

Instead of drinking beer or whiskey with your steak, why not go for a natural drink alternative? You can enjoy nature’s goodness by taking orange juice with your steak. When choosing orange juice, go for new options without added sugar and no preservatives.

10. Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated beverages are a great alternative, especially when no clean or safe drinking water is available outside your home. However, when drinking soda, be mindful of the sugar level, which may result in weight gain and energy dumps.

11. Water

If you don’t have any of the aforementioned non-alcoholic drinks for steak on hand, you can use water. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, water is the only beverage that you ought to consume each day.

You ought to consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. Water is beneficial to your health and cheap and has zero calories, which goes well with anything you pair with it!

Alcoholic Drinks for Steak

1. Whiskey

Whiskey is a brown spirit with a rich caramel note that is complex enough to hold up to a steak’s big, beefy flavor. The best type of whiskey to pair with red meat is Scotch because of the smoky notes, which pair well with the smokiness of grilled steak. 

However, you can pair your steak with bourbon and rye, but Scotch works well with grilled steak because its smoky notes mimic the flavor from the grill. For the best flavor experience, it is advanceable not to mix your whiskey with anything other than some ice.

2. Beer

Steak pairs well with beers, especially porters and stouts. The rich, sweet flavor of these dark beers complements steaks perfectly. Beer also enriches with enough bitterness, which helps cut down the meat’s richness, just like red wine.

Also, steaks like skirts or flank,  which are lean, pair well with something leaner and nutty like a brown ale.

3. Red Wine

Red wine contains tannins which are transferred to steak on the tongue. Tannins can help break down fat, one reason a glass a day is good for you. Also, tannins help to release and bring out the flavor of the steak, which pairs well with the red wine making the liquid release more of its flavor. 

Red wine can never be a wrong choice for your steak. You can choose a lovely Cabernet or Merlot to pair with your steak, but if you prefer your wine on the sweeter side, a Rose can also pair well with a rare cut of steak.

4. Cocktails

When it comes to the perfect pairing, know that combination of steak and cocktails is a match made in heaven; the rich and savory flavors of the juicy steak pair so perfectly with the refreshing, flavorful notes of a well-made cocktail.

Also, when choosing a cocktail for your steak, go for Martinis, which are popular cocktails for people who like a fresh, organic taste without excessive sweetness or overpowering flavors. Martinis pair well with steak because the flavor isn’t too strong to compete with the taste of your steak.

 Martinis are often served ice-cold with an olive as a garnish.

5. White Wine

White wine can pair well with steak if you pick the right white wine. Find a white wine with good body so it can withstand the flavor of the meat. Chardonnay, a richer wine with a hint of sharpness, is effective at balancing the flavor of the meat.

Chardonnays are great for pairing with steak because of their dynamic flavor.

6. Tequila Cocktail

A tequila cocktail paired with steak is a delicious and unique way to enjoy your steak for dinner. Just cook the steak perfectly and then serve it with a tequila-based cocktail. You serve this special and memorable meal at parties.

Tips for Steak

1. When ordering steak, ensure it is cooked to your liking; if you prefer it rare or well-done, you should be specific unless you opt for a homemade steak.

2. A sauce or seasoning should complement the steak, but if you want a barbecue-style steak, BBQ sauce should be an option. Also, a simple seasoning can go well with a traditional steak.

3. Lastly, select a spirit to add flavor to your steak. You can use bourbon, Scotch, or rye to cook your steak. These are the most popular liquors for cooking steak, each with a flavor profile that works well with steak.


The common reason people go for alcohol to pair with their steak is not having an idea of the non-alcoholic drink for steak. But if you’re an alcoholic, love, know that it is wise to change sometimes and go for a non-alcoholic drink, especially with your steak.

So, if you are confused about non-alcoholic drinks to pair with your steak, we have provided the above list for you; feel free to opt for any one and make your choice; know that simple alcohol is abuse.

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