What Vegetables Go with Jerk Chicken? (9 best options)

What to serve with jerk chicken is not a problem, Jerk chicken can be enjoyed in many ways, ranging from fruits, vegetables, wines, bread, grains, and many more.

You might be curious of what vegetables go with jerk chicken. Pairing your jerk chicken with vegetable will be a one time dish you won’t forget in a hurry! it will brings out the hidden flavor of the dish.

What is Jerk Chicken?

Jerk chicken is a unique dish from Jamaica that involves dry rubbing or wet marinating chicken with the classic Jamaican seasoning jerk!  Jerk chicken is a traditional Jamaican dish that has flavor combinations to yearn for.

One bite of this delicious dish gives you a perfect combo of sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors. For those unfamiliar, jerk chicken is chicken rubbed with various herbs and spices, from allspice to Scotch bonnet peppers and thyme.

It’s then grilled to perfection, bringing out all the delicious flavors and adding a touch of smokiness that soothes the soul and lift the spirit.

You can pair your jerk chicken with these 9 vegetables; Coleslaw, Steam Broccoli, Collard Green, Bell Pepper, Green Beans, Jamaican Steamed Cabbage, Jamaican Carrots, Caribbean Jerk Grilled Vegetables, Cucumber Salad.

Read on for ideas about what vegetables go with jerk chicken for perfect combo.

What Vegetables Go with Jerk Chicken

1. Coleslaw

Coleslaw is one vegetable side dish that goes great with any meal. For our favorite Jamaican main dish, the crunchy cabbage and carrots with a hint of apple taste make the ideal side dish. Crisp and refreshing are two qualities that go well with jerk chicken, so this is a great accompaniment.

You can never go wrong with the combination of crunchy cabbage and carrots and tangy mayo-free dressing for your jerk chicken dinner.

Adding some cool and creamy vegetables like coleslaw helps mellow out the heat and spices of jerk chicken, making it a perfect side dish. In addition, the combination of all those colors together makes the dish more appetizing.

2. Steam Broccoli

Broccoli is a great side dish for jerk chicken, but if you want something more flavorful to go with the spice, try steaming some broccoli; it’s one of the greatest ways to prepare the vegetable because it adds a nice light not that will complement the heat from the jerk chicken.

This unique and delicious steamed broccoli, topped with butter and salt, pairs well with complicated and decadent spices. Sometimes is better to use a simple and classic side dish that won’t compete with the sauce and flavor of the jerk chicken.

But you can try adding other flavors to broccoli to make it more delicious. Add cheese sauce or cook your broccoli in coconut oil for a more exciting dish.

3. Collard Green

Collards belong to the same family as cabbage and broccoli. Like many other green staples in the pantry, it goes well with various main dishes, including Jamaica chicken. Collard greens are the finest accompaniment to jerk chicken.

The greens are an excellent option for those who don’t like the heat of curry but still want a little kick. Collards, unlike other greens, offer a complex taste profile that pairs nicely with the rich taste of jerk chicken pretty well.

A simple, quick meal! Cook your collard greens in a saucepan and serve alongside your chicken.  Like any other side dish, the greens can be steamed or sautéed in oil before being mixed with butter and salt.

Jerk chicken is a classic Jamaican dish that consists of chicken thighs marinated in spices and grilled. Bell peppers are often used as a garnish or side dish for jerk chicken, adding a unique flavor to the plate.

If you prefer something different, they can be substituted with other vegetables, such as onions or carrots.

5. Green Beans

Green beans are very nutritious, but a lot of people avoid them because they think they don’t taste nice. However, if cooked properly, then green beans can be completely yummy. In this recipe, sautés the green beans with garlic, infusing them with a strong umami taste.

After a sample, you will wonder why you have never tried this recipe before. It is simple, easy, and an excellent side dish that pairs with anything, including jerk chicken.

6. Jamaican Steamed Cabbage

You will not imagine how easy it is to cook this masterpiece! Besides, it’s also a convenient way to turn the spare cabbage in your fridge into a tasty side dish. Feel free to adjust the steaming time to achieve your preferred texture.

Jamaican steamed cabbage is a delicious and authentic dish that makes a perfect pairing with jerk Chicken. This Jamaican steamed cabbage will get you covered if you’re searching for what vegetables go with jerk chicken that can complements this great Jamaican dish.

Despite steaming being the primary cooking method, the cooked cabbage’s flavor matches the jerk chicken’s flavor, making the Jamaican side dishes stronger! Scotch bonnets, garlic, and thyme make your taste bud dance to this delicious meal.

7. Jamaican Carrots

Vegetables are always a safe choice regarding side dishes, but if you want to shake things up with your jerk chicken, why not serve it alongside some carrots dish. This recipe is used traditionally by the Caribbean and Jamaican to cook carrots.

It adds zesty flavors of lemon and pineapple with sweet sugar and spicy chili, completely transforming the traditional taste of carrots into something more unique and delicious.

8. Caribbean Jerk Grilled Vegetables

Caribbean jerk grill vegetable delight is the perfect accompaniment to your jerk chicken. As its name implies, this Caribbean treat features a combination of veggies, such as asparagus, zucchini, and bell pepper.

These vegetables are a perfect combo of sweet and spicy flavors. Upon grilling, many nutrients are present in these vegetables, making it the best thing to go with the tasty jerk chicken. Serve these jerk vegetables with a side of jerk chicken and some yogurt for a delicious meal.

9. Cucumber Salad

This light and delicious cucumber salad is both chilly and refreshing. Fresh herbs, lime juice, red onion, and cucumbers wonderfully combine. The nice thing is that the salad improves as the cucumbers have time to marinate in all the flavorful juices.

So tasty, fast, and easy, this adaptable cucumber salad is just what you need alongside the spicy jerk chicken seasoning.


If you haven’t tried pairing your jerk chicken with vegetables or you are looking for what vegetables go with jerk chicken, you are missing a lot because jerk chicken is known for its spiciness and smoky flavor; and it makes sense to compliment it with a mouthwatering, fluffy, and fresh vegetable that will help awaken your taste buds while taking your jerk chicken.

However, if you are looking for what vegetables go with jerk chicken, you can opt-out for any of these vegetables we mentioned, and you will get a round of an unforgettable meal. 

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